Vermont is my home, and I am surrounded by beautiful farmland and magical woods. My studio is cradled in the Champlain Valley, bordered by the Green Mountains on the east and beautiful Lake Champlain on the west. Being able to create here surrounded by this natural beauty feeds me in a way that I cannot explain.

As a child I was always sketching and drawing what was around me. It seems to have been hard-wired into my genes. I've enjoyed a lifetime of informal study and practice, learning to "see", and taking note in everyday life how light and shadows accent a subject. I eventually moved to oils & acrylics on canvas and other materials, even gourds! I especially love painting portraits, animals, and nature.

I've also explored another dimension in my creative life, making jewelry. Learning to form simple shapes using copper wire and primitive tools, I began making bracelets. Gradually I moved toward precious metals, focusing on sterling silver. All of my pieces are made by my hand, beginning with metal in sheet or wire form, and each is one of a kind. Nature and Native American designs have been a strong influence in my jewelry.